The madman shakes his fist in defiance of the West
The lipman waves his finger and pushes a button on his desk
The newsman holds up his mike as the cameras film the scene
And everyman is witness as the pictures fill the screen

There's a man who lost a brother and a man who lost his wife
There's a woman now a widow and a body without life
There's a child without a mother; there's a man no longer "Dad"
And there's crying in the streets for the loved ones they once had

There are sermons from the pulpit of the lesson that's been taught
Speeches from the pundits of the victory that's been wrought
But the words are punctuated with the sound of choking breathe
And the message is expounded mid the horrid stench of death

There are stories from the newsmen of the heroes of the war
Statistics from the pollsters who have kept up with the score
There are pictures on the late news of the winners of the day
And the wreaths laid at the graves of the bystanders who got in the way

And the generals praise their troops for the bravery they've shown
And the pilots receive medals for the bombing raids they've flown
Pulitzers are given for great coverage of the strife
And flags are handed out to she who was a soldier's wife

As the missles fly across the sky
The priests sanctify and lawyers justify
Men say good-bye and widows cry
And children try to know the why
And tears fill each eye because people die
Because people die