Thinking back on how You came, softly calling out my name
I thought it was some silly game so I did not answer.

But You still did not depart. You kept calling from the start,
Gently knocking at my heart, but I would not answer.

Years passed by and still You came, wanting so to ease my pain.
But my selfish pride remained and I did not answer.

Life was restless in those years, oft my heart was drowned in tears.
Few days passed not scarred by fears still I did not answer

I ignored You, still You came, seeking to my soul reclaim.
Then at last when all seemed vain finally I answered.

To my heart You brought relief, lifted me from unbelief.
Now I cry for joy not grief; I'm so glad I answered.

Thinking back on how You came, how at last I heard my name.
Now with joy I exclaim I'm so glad You called me

Thank You for Your love so free, for ending all my misery.
Thank You Lord for Calvary. I'm so glad You called me.
I'm so glad You called me.
I'm so gald You called me.
Called me.