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NPR Viewer V3.3.6 -1/28/04

NPR Viewer is a program that converts downloaded Magic NPR reports to plain text for easier viewing. Mainly of use to C/S sites that cannot upload the Magic NPR reports but would like to see what's in them. The program is not perfect but it's getting there. Feedback, bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

But it's not just for C/S sites. I like to view the way others have written reports but I would prefer to read the code without uploading them into our system. The 8500 reports already there are enough to keep up with.

Here's a sample of what the program does. It turns this (click on image for full sample_report.txt)

sample text

into this (click on image for full sample_report.rtf).

sample rtf

I would recommend that anyone who is using a previous release uninstall it and install the latest version. Version 2 added enhancements for properly parsing the new field attributes of CH, ID.ARG, FCL, BFI, etc. Version 3 adds several new features mostly due to suggestions by GD.

V 3.02
Files with multiple reports now open each report in its own window.
Added support for bold, italics, underline.
Added support for opening files other than NPR reports.
Added status window that displays during file processing.
Field and line attributes over 80 characters are split into multipe lines.

V 3.1.0
Added support for different color text.
Added Rich Text formatting to files to better divide sections.
Added preliminary code for printing.

V 3.1.12
Miscellaneous bug fixes dealing with custom selection attributes and custom report picture.

V 3.2.0
Program creates c:\temp folder for a working directory if it does not exist.
Double-clicking on a .npr file will now open it in NPR Viewer if the file association has been set up.
        If you know how to make the installation program create the association let me know.

V 3.3.1
Corrected issue of selection fields not printing in reports with no report picture lines.

V 3.3.2
New report field (?) in 4.9 SR2 resulted in insufficient array space when parsing RPT data

V 3.3.4
Misc bug fixes. Updated to work with reports created in Magic 5.4.

V.3.3.5 (12/21/03)
The select relationship was not included in previous releases. If one exists it will now be listed.

V.3.3.6 (1/27/04)
Previously any instances of the \ character were being removed. This has been corrected.

Note: If you already have any version 3 you can update just the exe file from this zip file. Simply extract the new exe to the directory where you previously installed NPR Viewer. If you are using a version earlier than 3 or creating a new install then download the complete viewer.

If you find  report it fails to open send it to me so my bug exterminating can continue. Successfully tested on files over 200K and containing as many as 17 separate reports - far too slow for my tastes, but it did work. Not all features on the menus are implemented yet but could be some day.

Known bugs: Print routine does not adhere to page margins so some lines could be missing when printed.

NPR Viewer

Instructions for using NPR Viewer

Download the zip file using the link above.
Extract the zip file to a temp directory and run setup.exe.
Run the new program on your start menu - "NPR Viewer".
Select the downloaded npr file you want to view using the file/open menu option.
If all goes well you should then see the report code in the text window.

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