We might not be together throughout the day,
There's so much to do and so little time to be with you.
And though we talk on the phone each night
It's just not the same as holding you tight
And whispering I'm glad you're mine.
But you're always there in my dreams,
Softly calling my name.

Time stands still when I hold your hand and touch your lips,
And then your eyes meet mine and I melt in your arms.
Moments spent together
Seem so far apart and far too few.
I just can't get enough of being with you.
But you're always there in my dreams,
Softly calling my name..

What am I to do when I open my eyes
And I'm not there, you're not here.
I just close my eyes and I'm holding you,
I'm there with you, you're here with me,
Cause you're always there in my dreams,
Softly calling my name.

Always there in my dreams
Always there, always there, always there
In my dreams.